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Christine Lu, MSc, PhD

Christine Lu is a pharmacist, pharmacoepidemiologist, and health policy researcher. Dr. Lu received a MSc (Biopharmaceuticals) and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Her current research focuses on access to biologic medicines, genomic-based technologies, orphan drugs, and psychotropic medications. Since 2012, she also serves as Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Australia.
Dr. Lu recently led a national investigation of the effects of Food and Drug Administrationā€˜s warnings and media attention regarding antidepressant and suicidality among youth within the Mental Health Research Network. She also serves as an epidemiologist for the Mini-Sentinel program. In her teaching role, Dr. Lu mentors students and fellows through the Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Policy Research, the Harvard Medical School Scholars in Medicine program, and the global Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative.


Selected Publications: